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Renovation Loans

Benefits Of Renovation Loans

The Hargrave Group is extremely passionate about Renovation Loans. They can help you get into a neighborhood you otherwise couldn’t afford, allow you the flexibility to create a space of your own, and provide an instant equity position from the get go. Read more about each product to see what opportunities can be created with Renovation Loans.

Types of Renovation Loans

FHA 203 K

Homeowners and buyers will enjoy the perks of FHA financing, including low interest rates, a 3.5% down payment, and less stringent qualification guidelines.


The FHA 203K Limited Loan is similar to the FHA 203K but only allows for cosmetic improvements. Again, homeowners and buyers will be able to take advantage of the great terms FHA loans have to offer, but cannot upgrade or repair structural items without jumping up to the full 203k.


The Fannie Mae HomeStyle Renovation Loan is a conventional mortgage that allows you to purchase or refinance both the cost of the home and planned renovations.