Top 10 Must “NOT” Do List When Buying a House

Make sure you read this list when buying a house.

Do NOT do these things during the loan process without discussing with your loan officer first! These could hurt the approvability of your loan and delay closing.

1. Quit or change jobs
2. Get married
3. Make large deposits into your bank account, especially cash and gifts
4. Make large purchases (cars, furniture, etc.)
5. Take out additional debt
6. Stop paying your bills or be late on an account
7. Procrastinate in providing needed documentation requested for your loan file
8. Make last minute travel plans that could affect your attendance for closing
9. Terminate your contract
10. Reschedule closing without telling your loan officer

Lastly, DON’T STRESS! We are in this with you and are here to help. No question is a bad question.

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