Don’t Spend Another Summer Without a Pool

With summer just around the corner, the fear of dreadful, 100-degree days starts to set in for most of us Dallas natives. The fiery 3 months of nonstop sweating are almost unbearable without aquatic retreat. Imagine a blue lagoon – the water is crisp and refreshing to the touch, surrounded by lush, green landscaping with a private cabana nearby for naps. Now imagine it in your backyard.

Adding a swimming pool and outdoor living space to your home doesn’t have to be just an idea or fantasy. Your dream can be made a reality with a Pool Escrow Loan from The Hargrave Group at PrimeLending. Pool escrow loans are a type of renovation loan that allows for the addition of a swimming pool either in a purchase or refinance transaction.

The costs of upgrades will be rolled into your mortgage, all under one low rate, and construction can begin immediately after closing. Your new backyard oasis will serve as a relief from the blistering heat and as a place to entertain your cranky friends who don’t have pools.

Popsicles can only cool you off so much. And they melt. Much like you will, if you go another summer without a swimming pool.

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"You Are The Best At What You Do!"
Erik and Team, thank you so much for your hard work! We love how quick and painless you make the refinance process. You all are the best at what you do! We plan to refer everyone we know to your office!

Ali K.
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"Smoothest Process I've Ever Heard Of!"
Thank you, thank you! It was a pleasure working with y'all! Smoothest mortgage process I've ever heard of!

Jeffrey K.
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"I Love The Hargrave Group!"
I LOVE The Hargrave Group!

Anne, Berkshire Hathaway Realty
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"Easy, Breezy!"
Thanks all! Easy breezy on our end! Appreciate it!

Matt T.
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"This Man Truly Deserves A Red Cape!"
We bought it! We finally have our home in Colorado! Can't thank the best mortgage man on the planet, Erik Hargrave, enough! This man truly deserves a red cape!

Roger C.
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"Erik's Due Diligence And High Level Of Integrity Assisted Me In Closing My Loan!"
As a business executive, it can be challenging for organizations to hold up the level of standards that I require. At the Hargrave Group, this was not a problem. Erik's due diligence, high level of integrity and his ability to be agile, assisted me in closing on my loan in record time. They delivered on everything they promised and it was a great pleasure to work with Erik at The Hargrave Group. His personal attention, expectation setting and follow up was very refreshing and I highly recommend Erik Hargrave and The Hargrave Group!

Chad and Shanna H.
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