The Hargave Group focuses on solutions-based lending - we have a loan to fit almost every scenario, which allows you to keep a more active, approved pipeline of potential clients.

We offer several niche products that you probably haven't seen, plus we have a customizable communication platform for each and every realtor we work with.



  • Up to 95% LTV – low reserve requirements, down to 680 score

  • 3 Years out of short-sale or foreclosure, 2 years out of bankruptcy

  • Renovation – include up to $150k in loan for upgrades, repairs, etc.

  • Pool Escrow – include the cost of a new pool in loan



  • 1 Year Tax Returns for Self-Employed clients

  • Relocation – close now for a job that doesn’t start for several months

  • Renovation – include repairs, upgrades in one loan up to 50% of the
    as-improved value

  • Pool Escrow – include the cost to build a new pool in loan



  • Refinance your FHA loan without fronting money for new escrow account

  • Renovation - 203K Streamline and Full Renovation Loans include the cost
    of repairs, upgrades in one loan



  • New condo projects approved off presale contracts – alleviates occupancy

  • Dedicated condo department to handle all lender HOA requirements

  • Non-warrantable project financing available



  • We are self- employed income experts.  If your loan officer is
    turning down self-employed files, send them to us for a second look.  We
    are well-versed in working with individuals who own multiple entities and have
    extensive IRS filings.

  • Can qualify clients based on only one year tax return, rather than the
    usual two.


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